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K Productions, company with headquarters in Bilbao, was born on 2002 from the association of Adolfo Fernández -actor and director- and Cristina Elso -producer-, with the intention of taking on projects written by contemporary authors with a strong social and political substance. This determined resolution regarding authorship has been rewarded with three Max awards: EN LA ORILLA, Best Adaptation 2018; EJECUCIÓN HIPOTECARIA, Best Revealing Authorship 2015; y VIDA Y MUERTE DE PIER PAOLO PASOLINI, Best Adaptation 2004.

Some other recognitions obtained by our productions are: SIVERIA, honorary mention in the LAN awards for LGBTIQ+ scripts of the Sgae Foundation; EN LA ORILLA, Ercilla Award 2017 to the best dramatic creation; LA CHARCA INÚTIL, Lope de Vega Award of theatre 2007; YO SATÁN, Chivas Telón Award 2005 to the best author; CANTANDO BAJO LAS BALAS, Jury Award in the Mostra Internacional de Teatro de Ribadavia 2007 y Chivas Telón Award to the best author; VIDA Y MUERTE DE PIER PAOLO PASOLINI, Palma del Río Honorific Award for the commitment to individual and collective liberties; Ercilla Award 2003 to the best basque production.